Monday, May 16, 2016

Abe's Market acquired by Direct Eats

JAVA & Co. has been a seller on Abe's Market for a very long time.  We just received this email from Abe's Market:

"Dear Seller,

We are excited to inform you that Abe's Market has been acquired by Direct Eats. When visiting you will now be automatically redirected to

Working closely with Abe's Sellers like you has been the most rewarding part of our 6-year journey. Thank you! A few tactical notes:

Effective immediately we are redirecting AbesMarket traffic to Direct Eats..."

While it seemed that some things were changing at Abe's Market, the news is sudden and abrupt.  We have reached out to Direct Eats for information to possibly showcase handpicked items from our collection.  From what I can tell Direct Eats has a pantry format, and they prefer to have products listed in quantity packs vs. individual.  This doesn't work well for our popular gift crate items, so we shall see how it all comes out in the wash, so to speak.

We had a good, strong run at Abe's Market.  Not only did we sell our products on that platform, but I was a dedicated buyer as well.  Loved their format, customer service, ease of use and well balanced website.  Disappointed that their journey came to an end.

Now that they are closed, you will find that those who sold on Abe's Market are not automatically available on Direct Eats just yet.  Each producer must start from the beginning.  My suggestion?  Order direct.  The entire JAVA & Co. Collection of products can be found and purchased direct at  I hope our regulars do not get lost in the transition.  We'll work hard to see if Direct Eats is a good fit for us and our customers.  Until then, we have a couple of sales running on our website - check it out! 

Me? I'm grabbing another cup of coffee.