Monday, March 31, 2008


Got JAVA?!

Think the coffee market is tapped…nothing new and exciting to come?

It had to happen and the founders of JAVA & Co. have done it!

Through innovation, we fill a niche in this coffee devoted society that our research shows no other company has matched. Our distinctive Small Batch Recipes are the next line of evolution in coffee products.

Just as you were waiting for a NEW decadent idea for the coffee lover, breakfast lover and dessert lover in all of us, JAVA & Co. has made it happen! It took a husband and wife team with a background in restaurants and hospitality, who had taken time out from their busy non-stop lives, first in New York and then Las Vegas, to spend quality “downtime” in the Midwest. Yes, it may have been four “long” years of a slower pace, but the fruits of this ample free time have brought us a truly rich and decadent specialty item.

Visit our website for further information and check out our delicious signature product line.

Bon Appetit!

Brian & Jamie Knoll