Monday, January 31, 2011

Independent Sales Representatives

JAVA & Co. sells both retail and wholesale. For 2011, the founders are offering a new revenue opportunity for Independent Sales Representatives.

Maybe you're a stay at home mom; maybe you'd like a side income stream; maybe you love our collection and want to share it with your friends and make money at the same time; or maybe you own a small specialty food shop and you'd like to gradually introduce JAVA & Co. products, but on a smaller scale.

If you or someone you know would like to make money and add additional income - throwing parties, hosting cooking classes, sharing and sampling goodies from the JAVA & Co. Collection, then email: with your interest.

As an Independent Sales Rep. you work for yourself.  You own your own business and JAVA & Co. provides the artisanal collection.  Important Note:  This is not a pyramid marketing revenue program.  No advance purchase is required.

For a program overview Click Here.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Jamie Knoll
Owner / Co-founder

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anniversary Specials!

2011 begins our 4th year of chef-inspired coffee infused specialties and a continued genuine dedication to our customers. Our customers are the foundation to our success. Our family remains committed to using quality ingredients and bringing you the finest, innovative coffee inspired specialties and more, which our customers have come to trust and enjoy. To celebrate the beginning of our FOURTH year in business, we are offering a couple hand selected items as Anniversary Specials.

Now through January 31st, 2011:

*Purchase 2 - 16 ounce bottles of JAVA Syrup and receive another full size 16 ounce bottle FREE!


*Purchase 2 - half pound boxes of our Brand New Artisan Recipe - Spicy Habanero Caramels - and receive another half pound box FREE!

JAVA & Co. is featuring a BRAND NEW artisan recipe for 2011 - Spicy Habanero caramels - infused with market fresh diced habaneros. The heat factor may vary between batches. The same amount of diced habaneros are used in each batch, but depending how long they were on the vine and when they were picked - the heat and spice factor can and will vary.

On our personal time, Brian and I enjoy (really enjoy) hot and spicy cooking and the wonderful flavors that can be created cooking with peppers - both sweet and savory. Spicy Habanero Caramels are a perfect marriage of the two. This recipe was developed not for the novelty but for the incredible flavor - as with all of the JAVA & Co. recipes. Spicy, but not overpowering. Enjoyable to the point of addiction. Spicy Habanero caramels are delicious but not devilicious. These are good. Really good. The sweet compliments the spicy. The spicy wins out over the creamy sweetness. The spice begins to warm your throat and when you finish chewing, you're ready for more! You just can't help yourself. As you eat them, you'll begin to uncover the candied, caramelized habanero bits infused in the caramel. Trust me and trust our taste testers who just couldn't stop going back for more, again and again!

Happy Anniversary to Us and to All of our faithful customers.  We surely wouldn't be celebrating another year if it weren't for you!
Brian & Jamie Knoll
Owners / Founders
JAVA & Co.