Saturday, January 31, 2009

100% Original ~ 100% DECAF

Brian and I are both caffeine freaks - love it, want it...don't want to say need it, but who am I kidding?! It's difficult for us to imagine coffee without caffeine...and why would we want to...except for our truth in JAVA & Co. service - our guests come first! And if we can make it happen, we WILL make it happen.

Answering a health request from our guests, JAVA & Co. introduces DECAF Original JAVA Syrup. If you are one of the many out there, whose doctor has said 'No Caffeine for You', we have the JAVA Syrup for you. You'll love it. Your doctor will love it. Most importantly, you'll love it and won't have to deny yourself!

Smooth taste without the caffeine. As with all of our syrups, made from coffee! Add rich flavor to your hot chocolate in the morning, drizzle over molten lava chocolate cake or blend in a mocha milkshake. The possibilities are endless.

Specialty DECAF Coffee Infused Gourmet Syrup Made Especially for the Breakfast Lover, Coffee Lover and Dessert Lover in All of Us.

16 ounce glass bottle of DECAF Original coffee infused syrup, encased in a custom handcrafted wood gift crate. Each bottle is wrapped in tissue paper, shredded newsprint and finished with a satin ribbon.

NOTE: Does NOT contain corn syrups, fillers or added preservatives. Made in a kitchen that handles Tree Nut and Peanut products.

Size: Wood Gift Crate measures approximately 8-1/8" height x 5-7/8" wide x 2-1/2" deep. Each crate is handcrafted and therefore size may differ slightly. Glass Bottle measures 7" high x 3-1/2" wide x 2" deep.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Quantity vs. Weight

In the process of reviewing my new recipes and new product ingredient labels, I realized a misconception that may be out there in the society...I was guilty of it for's true.

Quantity vs. Weight

1. How many consumers believe that ingredient labels list ingredients in order of quantity?

2. And how many consumers purchase products based upon the quality of ingredients at the top of the ingredient list?

For years, I used to.

The reality in labeling is that ingredients are listed by weight not by quantity (volume). And you may say, sure, okay.

Now let's break it down with an example: a food may contain 1/2 cup of whole grain oats and 4 tablespoons (almost half the amount of the oats) of sugar, but the sugar weighs more and will be listed before the whole grain oats - even though in 'baking theory' there are more oats....or are there?!

Does weight outweigh volume in the consumer working mind?

Food for thought.


Friday, January 23, 2009

NEW Local Account, Henry, Illinois

JAVA & Co. boutique bottled coffee-infused syrups are now available at the coffeE cup in Henry, Illinois located at 501 Edward Street.

the coffeE cup features the most flavorful mochas and lattes at the best price. And I don't say this lightly. If you know me, I'm particular about my coffees, if you don't know me, well, I'm particular about my coffees. We don't know how they can keep their prices so low, but we're sure glad they do! Their motto is 'Big City Flavor, Hometown Charm' and it rings true. Stop in for a light breakfast, or lunch and browse their handcrafted artisan gifts and candles. the coffeE cup maintains high standards and uses only the finest ingredients in their coffees, which makes for a perfect partnership with JAVA & Co.

Be sure to pick-up your favorite JAVA syrup while you're there!

~Jamie Knoll

Monday, January 19, 2009

JAVA Pink to help find a cure!

JAVA Pink Gourmet Products are HERE!

  • NEW JAVA JAX Recipe Mix!
  • NEW Gift Crate!
  • NEW Opportunity for a Worthy Cause!

Thank you in advance for your purchase and your support of breast cancer research and awareness!

Here's to finding a cure!

Monday, January 12, 2009

JAVA Pink for the Cure...Product Launch Coming Soon!

One would be challenged to find someone who has not been directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer - as a survivor, as a survivor's supporter or one who has been lost by this disease. The founders of JAVA & Co. are a part of the many whose lives have been touched by this disease. As we enter a new year of hope, of change and of challenges, we find it important that at these times especially, it is important to give back and support those causes we hold most dear.

JAVA Pink was born. A portion of the sales from JAVA Pink will be donated each year to breast cancer research and awareness. The founders chose to have JAVA Pink products available year round and to not limit our guests' opportunity to give during breast cancer awareness month alone.

Studies have said that coffee may protect against cancer (Science and that lignans, a natural antioxidant found in flaxseed can maintain breast and colon health. Most plant foods have some lignans, but flaxseed has at least 75 times more than any other. Flaxseed is also a good source for alpha-linolenic acid - the plant version of omega-3. As always, our syrups do not contain corn syrups or added preservatives and our products are made from the finest and freshest ingredients. In addition, the fiber found in both flaxseed and whole grain oats may contribute to good heart health and lower cholesterol. Note: JAVA & Co. doesn't endorse or validate any health claims. We recommend you do your own research and reach your own conclusions.

To launch JAVA Pink, a custom gourmet gift crate has been prepared. Enjoy a decadent JAVA Pink Specialty Gift while Giving Back to a Most Worthy Cause. Thank you in advance for your supportive purchase!

JAVA Pink's Gourmet “Pick-Me-Up” Coffee Infused Syrup Made Especially for the Breakfast Lover, Coffee Lover and Dessert Lover in All of Us


with JAVA JAX, our NEW Whole Grain Dry Pancake Mix - made with whole wheat flour, whole grain oats and flaxseed (adding a robust, nutty flavor and high in fiber) - just add wet ingredients for a healthy and hearty jump start to breakfast. Who knew 'good for you' could taste this good?!

16 ounce glass bottle of freshly roasted, gourmet coffee infused specialty syrup (warm vanilla and cinnamon with a little spice), paired with our JAVA JAX dry pancake mix (dry mix makes approximately 20 pancakes when prepared as directed), both showcased in our custom handcrafted wood gift crate, wrapped in tissue paper, shredded newsprint and finished with a PINK satin ribbon.

The decadent gourmet gift combination that gives back!