Wednesday, April 27, 2011

JAVA & Co. Brews for Charity

JAVA & Co. knows the importance of giving back. Creators and husband and wife team, Brian and Jamie Knoll, decided charitable giving was the obvious choice to make a difference.

To generate awareness JAVA & Co. thinks blending the charitable causes and their product together will make a great impact. Their signature JAVA & Co. coffee infused syrups seemed like the perfect place to show their support. Of course the boutique bottled specialty syrups will be the same rich quality and showcased in the same hand packaged recyclable bottles. The charity specific bottles are available for purchase during the year to be able to generate as many donations as possible with contributions doubling during the featured charity's month. JAVA & Co. will sell the 16 ounce bottles for $16.00 with (20%) $3.20 of every purchase donated during the featured month and (10%) $1.60 of every purchase donated for every month thereafter.

JAVA & Co. has reached out to approved non-profits in order to directly donate to legitimate foundations that will put the funds raised to good use. A percentage of purchases from the Give the Gift of Life category will go toward assisting a specific cause. Each month JAVA & Co. will showcase a charity. The goal is to raise money to help their specific needs. Rather than choose just one need, the founders of JAVA & Co. would like to aid up to 12 non-profits within the next year - hoping guests will identify with at least one of the charities and help make a difference.

Give the Gift of Life and in May 2011 support the featured non-profit - Roof Top Angels - along with JAVA & Co. You’ll be doing something great for society and be able to enjoy the delicious JAVA & Co. coffee infused syrups at the same time. Flavors are available in Original, Original DARK, JAVA Nut, French Vanilla and TiRUMisu. Don’t miss out on doing something good for humanity and your taste buds too!

Please visit to view the entire collection of JAVA & Co. artisan made specialties. For additional inquiries, please contact Jamie Knoll at or via phone at (309) 361-3276.


JAVA & Co. 303 Market Street Henry, Illinois 61537

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cocoa Shell Mulch: Friend or Foe

Spring is trying to get here with each passing day. In some areas, just when you thought it was safe to drink in the spring air - snow is in the forecast. Ahhhh, it will get here, maybe by fall.

With spring weather comes outdoor spring projects - lawn and garden for many of us. This year I was excited about utilizing Cocoa Shell Mulch. Have you heard of it? It has great color. It's recycled / upcycled / re-used cocoa bean shells for mulch. Love the idea. Love chocolate. Love the 'green' attribute. And lu-uv the aroma! As I did some quick research, I find it won't work for our home. We have two dogs - boxers. And our youngest, well, he puts anything and everything in his mouth. Danger Will Robinson...Danger....

Here are two links I found online:

Cocoa Mulch FAQ

Cocoa Mulch Potential Hazard to Pets

If we didn't have boxers, I would so use it - in both my garden for pathways and in my flower beds. Please be sure to share this information with your pet loving / owning friends and family members. You decide for yourself - I've got to get back to production!

Happy (almost) Spring!