Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Sun will be Setting on the OpenSky Storefront

OpenSky.  OpenSky.  OpenSky.   (sigh)

OpenSky launched a couple of years ago as an exciting new platform for small batch business and artisans.  They combined social media, customer interaction and shopping in a new environment.  A fun way to virtually showcase products with real time customer feedback and secret shoppers. 

JAVA & Co. was excited to join them with a sampling of our collection and reach new customers.  Shortly after launching, we had industry insiders commenting and loving our products to include Alicia Silverstone.  We were jazzed!  We were loving the concept, the excitement and the virtual credits they offered customers at different times of the year.  I didn't hesitate to open a customer account and shop direct with talented merchants.

And then something changed...

OpenSky has eliminated the customer feed; eliminated the industry insiders; eliminated the creativity and eliminated the interaction.  They replaced these elements with advertising banners and distracting call outs on every page to include our storefront.  This is not the same OpenSky.

JAVA & Co. will be begin to remove our products from OpenSky and eventually close the storefront by months end. 

This is JAVA & Co.'s last call on OpenSky.

Jamie Knoll

JAVA & Co.
Small Batch Recipes

Note:  JAVA & Co.'s full product line is available on our company website with hand picked selections on, and