Monday, May 16, 2011

Breakfast on the Move...

We recently purchased bagels - everything bagels - savory, toasted, chewy discs of delight. Bagels will be found in our house - once a year - maybe. In 2010 - not at all. I don't know why. It just didn't happen. Food is like that.

I'm a savory - everything bagel. Don't make me bother with a cinnamon, raisin or blueberry. I don't understand the point of it. Why not have just have a muffin instead? More calories in a muffin? Probably. More flavor in a sweet blueberry muffin - yep!

Everytime I eat a bagel and I seriously mean EVERYTIME I eat a bagel, I think back to the early nineties - walking to work on a beautiful Sunday morning; the sun peeking between the buildings; the upper west side streets that normally bustle are so quiet; glancing down 62nd to see the lush green tops of the trees in Central Park in the distance; then stopping by Melissa's deli for my scallion and cream cheese toasted everything bagel - so unbelievably good and toasted perfectly with a skyscraper of scallion cream cheese sandwiched between the toasted goodness. Ahhhhh....

Then...crossing the street to the boutique coffee shop; throw open the doors and my senses are welcomed by fresh ground coffee and rich, robust aromas drawing me in. Cappuccino, please. A wonderful, cappuccino. Not an artificially flavored, creamy, gooey latte that drowns out the rich espresso - no. A simple cappuccino. And I loved it.

After all of these years, and with so many 'breakfast sandwiches' at every fast food, deli and gas station and with their 'push button' lattes and sugar beverages from a box - UGH. My all time favorite, most indulgent breakfast on the go is a scallion and cream cheese, toasted everything bagel with a simple cappuccino.

I think...I just transported myself back in time and I might just stay for awhile.

So I ask, what is your favorite, most indulgent breakfast on the go?