Thursday, October 16, 2008


As I mentioned in a previous post, we have been busy working on new JAVA sweet shoppe items. And, we have created an incredibly delicious snack bar! The bars aren't currently available on our website (on my Must Do list), but we've been selling them at the markets and festivals. There are three different snack bars offered:

1) Cinnamon Hazelnut Protein - garnished with fresh chopped hazelnuts, contains soy protein for added staying power.

2) Tuxedo Espresso - white AND dark chocolate covered espresso beans are throughout, very creamy - a definite "pick-me-up" bar.

3) Mocha Toffee- dark chocolate coffee infused toffee candy throughout (say that three times fast) - very chocolatey - YUM!!

The snack bars are a combination between a whole grain oat bar and a rice krispy bar. Each of the three contains wholesome whole grain oats, ground flax seed and fresh roasted ground coffee beans - are you tempted yet?

In our past lives (and now our current life), we seldom have time for breakfast and are always looking for a quick fix, or afternoon pick-me-up on the go. These are the perfect solution and now I don't have to worry about dripping on my clothing while drinking my coffee in the car. I can just EAT my coffee and it tastes soooo good. I love that!

Watch our website for the addition of these JAVA snack bars - coming soon.....

-Jamie Knoll

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