Sunday, October 26, 2008

When something is over, something new begins...

The Peoria Riverfront FALL Market is over. Saturday, October 25th was our last day. It was a brisk, fall day - getting us ready for the winter to come! Brrrrrrrrrrrr! Now, onto winter and HOLIDAY production and festivals.
In our free time (laugh out loud), we have been working on a recipe book. It's not quite ready yet, but we uploaded a sample recipe "idea" pdf file on our website. Visit the following link to see what we've developed (No we don't sell baby back ribs, just the fabulous JAVA sauce used to glaze these delicious ribs!):
Through our many visits with guests, we knew a recipe book was the next important offering in our line of products. Our gourmet JAVA syrup is such a new idea that we want to showcase all of the many delicious uses it has - it's not just for putting in your coffee - it's MADE FROM coffee! If you're looking to add richness, goodness and deep flavor to your desserts, drinks, breakfast items and entrees - then look no further - all in one bottle - YUM!
By the first of the year, or early spring - we hope to have the printed recipe book completed. In the interim, visit our website and follow the Recipe Ideas link to get you started! And of course, it does help if you have a bottle of our JAVA signature syrup to sample.
Order your bottle(s) today!

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