Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Angela Thompson, owner of Parkside Cottage in Henry, Illinois had the best of ideas when she custom built, hand decorated and hand tooled a splendid holiday Gingerbread House for the sole purpose of raising funds for the local Food Pantry. She is beaming with Christmas spirit, and like so many, remembers the reason for the holiday season.

Three weeks to complete, two stories of delight - and yes, lit from within - with smokestacks, snow drifts, many gumdrops, graham crackers and icing later (not to mention the charming gingerbread man fence). This once edible house has been in the front display window of her Sweet and Gift Shop enticing customers to buy a ticket for not only the chance to win this incredible creation, but also donate to a worthy and local cause.

So don't delay...stop by her shop (open Tuesday - Friday 10 am to 5 pm; Saturday 10 am to 3 pm) and purchase your own ticket or tickets. Be prepared, Angela may also entice you with free samples of homemade fudge, "old-fashioned" candies or handmade caramel turtles.

WHAT: Sign up to WIN a Gingerbread House!

COST: $1 per Ticket or $5 for six Tickets. All ticket proceeds go to the local Henry Food Pantry.

WHERE: Parkside Cottage Sweet & Gift Shop (309-364-3075) on Central Park in Henry, Illinois.

WHEN: NOW through December 19th, 2008. Winner will be drawn on Saturday, December 20th!

Merry Christmas!

-Jamie Knoll

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