Friday, January 30, 2009

Quantity vs. Weight

In the process of reviewing my new recipes and new product ingredient labels, I realized a misconception that may be out there in the society...I was guilty of it for's true.

Quantity vs. Weight

1. How many consumers believe that ingredient labels list ingredients in order of quantity?

2. And how many consumers purchase products based upon the quality of ingredients at the top of the ingredient list?

For years, I used to.

The reality in labeling is that ingredients are listed by weight not by quantity (volume). And you may say, sure, okay.

Now let's break it down with an example: a food may contain 1/2 cup of whole grain oats and 4 tablespoons (almost half the amount of the oats) of sugar, but the sugar weighs more and will be listed before the whole grain oats - even though in 'baking theory' there are more oats....or are there?!

Does weight outweigh volume in the consumer working mind?

Food for thought.


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