Friday, February 6, 2009


The intense aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans.

The sound of the rich coffee beans nestling into the grinder.

The soft whirring of the grinder as we begin the fresh grind.

The ingredients combine and the delicate process begins.

The decadent fragrance explodes from the small batch syrup.

The smooth, sweet, dark liquid – hand poured into specialty bottles.

JAVA & Co. Small Batch Recipes
Gourmet Coffee-Infused Syrups

What makes JAVA & Co. syrups so special?

JAVA & Co. syrups are new, innovative and best of all – they taste incredible!

JAVA Syrup is made from fresh roasted coffee beans without corn syrups, fillers or added preservatives. A syrup without corn syrup? Really? Really!! The results? Pure, decadent flavor.

Syrup made from coffee…not just for coffee.

Made in the U.S.A.

What do I do with them?

What do you want to do with them?! The possibilities are endless...

· Breakfast Topping – oatmeal, pancakes, waffles.
· Dessert Topping – ice cream, fudge brownies, cinnamon bread pudding, tiramisu.
· Beverage Ingredient – add to hot chocolate, mocha milkshakes.
· Entrees - glaze for meats and seafood's.

Use anywhere you want rich flavor – with an easy application.

Are they really for me? I’m not a gourmet chef, in fact, I barely cook.

Yes! The syrups were designed for you!

They are perfect for:

· Kitchen Novices
· People on the go
· Working Professionals
· Busy Moms and Dads
· Foodies
· Party Planners
· Chefs & Catering Professionals
· People who just love food - gourmet, restaurant, from a package or take-out menu!

We’ve done all of the work for you.
Recipe Ideas and Suggestions are included on our website. If you can pour out of a bottle, then you can create decadent menu items in a flash!

· Hand made.
· Hand bottled.
· Hand labeled.
· Prepared in a Licensed, Illinois State Approved Kitchen.

Small Batch Recipes, from our mixing bowl to your table…what could be easier?!

Who are the founders of JAVA & Co.?

Brian and I are a husband and wife team with over 20 years combined experience in the food, beverage, restaurant and hospitality industry. Growing up in Oregon and expanding our culinary knowledge with years in New York City and Las Vegas, we bring our talents, experience, passion and love of food to our new company – JAVA & Co.

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