Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

Brian and I had a glorious Easter weekend. The weather was beautiful. The sun was out and so were we - outside that is. Brian tilled the garden and we planted our flower and vegetable seeds - roma tomatoes, haricot verts, basil, cilantro, arugula and so much more. I can not wait for the harvest. There is nothing like the flavor of fresh picked produce and the beauty of hand picked flowers brought inside the house!

Sunday was another delightful day of food fun! We used our boutique bottled JAVA coffee infused syrup to glaze the ham as it roasted and we continued basting it every 30 minutes or so until it was candied to perfection. In addition, we sprinkled a light dusting of our JAVA Spice on the ham before roasting. Yum! So juicy. So beautiful. So flavorful. Brian was so proud that he took pictures, yes, of the ham. Just the ham. He's too funny. So, of course, I have the pictures posted here.

JAVA glazed ham wasn't the only food we enjoyed on Sunday. The short list includes a nice sparkling Spanish wine - great value and quite enjoyable; smoked salmon with dill cream on crisp wontons; spiced sweet potatoes; and too much more for just two people!

During the weekend, our JAVA Spice - Meat & Seafood Rub was showcased on OneFoodieGoodie - an online shopping site. Orders have already been processed, spice has been made and shipped! Thank you OneFoodie.com for the product exposure and sales!

Here's to a busy week ahead...

Jamie Knoll, Co-founder
JAVA & Co.

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