Thursday, March 27, 2014

Extra Goodies

JAVA & Co. makes all of our items in small batches.  There are times when we may have unsold extras from a batch.  In the past, we've always found something to do with the extras.  During our market season, it works out great to bring our extras (and then some) to market each week. 

Light bulb!  Why not offer these extras for a great price to our online customers?! 
  • Extra Goodies - when available - will be posted on our Blog.
  • Click through to the link we will provide - to order and securely purchase on our website.
  • The product and quantities will be extremely limited (most will have quantities of 1), so we won't be advertising or listing the Extra Goodies in our online store. 
  • The exclusive Extra Goodie product links will only be found on our blog.
  • Descriptions may vary compared to online store listings.  Read thoroughly.
  • Special value pricing will apply.  Price is non-transferable.  One time only.
  • Once gone...gone...

Bookmark the page.

Check back often.

Share with your friends (or keep the savings to yourself).

Let's start here with FOUR extra goodies to choose from - click on the links below:

Extra Goodies One
Extra Goodies Two
Extra Goodies Three
Extra Goodies Four

We look forward to offering this ongoing opportunity. 

Thank you!

Brian & Jamie
JAVA & Co.
Small Batch Recipes

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