Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Extra Sale Goodies - No Joke - Happy April Fools Day!

TWO extra goodies to choose from - click on the links below:

Extra Goodies One
Extra Goodies Two
JAVA & Co. Small Batch Recipes
JAVA & Co. makes all of our items in small batches.  There are times when we may have unsold extras from a batch.  During our market season, it works out great to bring our extras (and then some) to market each week.  We are now offering these extras for a great price to our online customers. 
  • Extra Goodies - when available - will be posted on our Blog.
  • Click through to the link we will provide - to order and securely purchase on our website.
  • The product and quantities will be extremely limited (most will have quantities of 1), so we won't be advertising or listing the Extra Goodies in our online store. 
  • Due to limited quantities, we recommend grabbing them and checking out right away.
  • The exclusive Extra Goodie product links will only be found on our blog.
  • Descriptions may vary compared to online store listings.  Read thoroughly.
  • Special value pricing will apply.  Price is non-transferable.  One time only.
  • Once gone...gone...
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Brian & Jamie
JAVA & Co.
Small Batch Recipes

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