Thursday, April 10, 2014

Three Must Have Pantry Staples 2014

Ever reach for something in your pantry and it's not there?  It has it's nerve.  Of course, this occurs at that crucial moment, when you are knee deep in the middle of a recipe.  It happens the 'one' time (who am I kidding, I rarely check my pantry) that you didn't check to see if you had all of the ingredients before measuring and pouring and mixing and now,'re missing a key ingredient.  How rude.  How frustrating.  We've all been there.
Peeking into my personal pantry I took a couple of pictures and posted here - not the greatest pictures - but I'm not a photographer - I'm a baker, so I'm okay with them, sort of.  The timing is good because I just cleaned and organized the pantry drawers, allowing for perfect access and full view of most items - laying down clean parchment paper and tossing products we hadn't used in years...literally. 

Based upon the cooking that my household does, I had to stop and think, what three items in my personal pantry (not the JAVA & Co. pantry) must we have at all times.  The three items that we know will always be there...MUST always be there...items that as they even begin to get low - are put on 'the list'.
Here is our list of THREE must haves:
  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  2. Kosher Salt
  3. Fresh Garlic
It's hard to narrow it down to three, but this was my personal exercise for the day.  I know I can't make anything with only those three items, but they are the keys to our savory cooking - pasta, grilling, sauté, popcorn, homemade pizza, flatbread, stromboli, slow cooking, etc.  Most of what is made in our kitchen needs one or more of these key must-have pantry ingredients.  If I extended my list even further, one would find items like black beans, brown rice and jars of organic farmed tomato sauce...etc.  Actually, from the photos, we have a lot of variety in our pantry.  Our local market has the staples, but for specialty items, we have to drive a bit - so items like wasabi, risotto, panko - we stock up on when we are out and about. 

Now it's your turn, what are the THREE must haves in your personal pantry?


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